For a healthy life

Prevent diseases and treat them as soon as possible with an individual early detection screening

Insufficient exercise, poor diet, smoking, or stress – there are many factors that can wreck havoc with our bodies long before we notice them. The regular maintenance of machinery or the inspection of your car have today top priority to maintain security. But when was the last you serviced your body in terms of preventive healthcare? Your preventive care is in the best hands with the PAN Prevention Center. We offer a comprehensive, interdisciplinary check-up at the highest medical level – conveniently under one roof. Benefit from our individual screening programs and secure your health in the long term. And that of your staff: Preventive healthcare is not only a private matter. More and more companies recognise the importance of healthy employees. We develop a tailor-made check-up program for your staff. A worthwhile investment in the future. And we offer a comprehensive service to patients from abroad: our International Office supports and cares for you in your planning, arrival and stay in the PAN Prevention Center. We accompany you on your way to a healthy life!

For private clients

Preventive healthcare
For private clients

Take responsibility for your health and opt for a check-up. The many offerings of the PAN Prevention Center will give you the opportunity for a comprehensive check-up – conveniently under one roof.

Corporate Clients

Preventive healthcare
for employees and management

Your employees are your greatest asset. Investing in the health of your staff: The PAN Prevention Center creates a tailored check-up program for your company.


Preventive healthcare made to measure

Your individual check-up coach

The early detection of health problems makes early treatment possible. Serious disorders can thus be avoided in some cases. Prevention is the first step to a healthy future. But not all people are vulnerable in the same way: A 40-year old woman has a different potential risk profile than a 50-year old man. The PAN Prevention Center is committed to the task of preparing tailor-made screening recommendations, carrying them out in the PAN Clinic and then developing sustainable concepts to reduce the individual risk. This innovative concept prevents a haphazard use of excessive as well as insufficient diagnosis measures. What use is focusing on the risk of a heart attack if a colorectal polyp is overlooked?

About us

The PAN Prevention Center offers you personalised, interdisciplinary preventive healthcare with all disciplines of the PAN Clinic on the basis of evidence-based medicine.

  • Your individual needs are our focus
  • 25 specialties, more than 65 physicians
  • All under one roof
  • The highest medical standards
  • Preventive diagnosis and early treatment


Holistic healthcare: In addition to a wide range of different health check-ups, we offer early treatment for the long-term and sustainable safeguarding of your health.

  • Standardised and individual check-up programs for private and corporate clients
  • All-round service for patients from abroad
  • Early treatment, consisting of nutritional counselling, physical therapy and psychological counselling

Course Offers

Our health courses on nutrition, sports and stress reduction can help you maintain your health in the long term and provide you with the enjoyment of a healthy life.

  • Relaxation training
  • Medical Cooking School
  • Training for quitting smoking
  • Burnout therapy