Medical cooking school for your health

Cooking event in the Medical Cooking School in the PAN Clinic

In our Medical Cooking School, you find out in an enjoyable manner how our daily diet can contribute to preventive health on three evenings. Under the guidance of our Head Chef, former owner of the whole-value restaurant “Green Garden” and our nutritionist, we will prepare simple delicacies and enjoy them in a relaxing manner.

First evening: We will show you how you can effectively improve nutritional status and well-being in chronic diseases (rheumatism, bowel disease, cancer) with the conscious selection of anti-inflammatory foods and a nutrient support preparation.

Second evening: We prepare easy meals in half an hour maximum. Practical tips for organisation and storage time in the kitchen help make preparation easier after an exhausting day.

Third evening: This evening is dedicated to the gluten-free cuisine, as more and more people react sensitively to conventional, genetically modified wheat: headaches, digestive problems and weight gain can be the result.

These are accompanied by lectures, practical nutrition advice and assistance on how you can integrate healthy eating into daily life. The price is at €59.00 per person and evening. The total price is €165.00 per person when booking all three courses. The joint preparation of the menu, soft drinks, nutritional support and information documents are included in the price. You can also make a gift of the participation of this event to friends acquaintances, just contact us.


– “Anti inflammatory cuisine”
– “Instead of Fast Food”
– “Gluten-free cuisine”

Download the german registration form (145 kB) here and send it to us by fax, mail or email.

You can also contact us if you have any questions or require further information!
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