Health promotion tailor-made

Screening in a coordinated approach

Health and physical well-being have a positive effect on our motivation and performance and are indispensable in meeting the everyday challenges. It is the responsibility of each individual to promote his own health. This includes regular preventive healthcare check-ups in addition to as balanced a lifestyle as possible. These have meanwhile become established worldwide because they increase significantly the chances of a cure in the event off possible diseases that patients have not yet noticed. However until now, regular check-ups have only been carried only by a few patients. We make it easy: the PAN Prevention Center makes it possible for you to have a comprehensive and interdisciplinary screening at the highest level with its various health check offers. All examinations coordinated by us take place time-saving under one roof, in the PAN Clinic. An experienced preventive physician supports you as a contact person and explains the examination results and if necessary, speaks out accordingly.

There is no reason to hesitate any longer. Start your personal health promotion in the PAN Prevention Center!

Your personal check-up: standard or customised

The PAN Prevention Center offers you the possibility to choose among three different standard check-ups or to opt for a personalised one tailored to you and your medical needs. Whether standard or customised: Expect a prevention program at the highest level.

The PAN Prevention Center offers you three different standardised check-up programs. more

The PAN Prevention Center offers you a tailored screening package customised to your individual needs. more

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