If there is no end to the exhaustion

Burn-out is one of the most common complaints in the general population with an increasing tendency. Emotional exhaustion, reduced performance, insomnia and social withdrawal are evidence for the existence of a burn-out. Untreated, burn-out can lead to a clinically relevant depression and not infrequently, leads to substance abuse (alcohol, coffee, drugs), which in turn has damaging impacts on the psychological and physical overall situation. However, a burn-out can be prevented or counteracted through targeted measures.

Our modern therapy concept shows ways in which you can win back, improve and maintain your quality of life and vitality.

We offer

  • Learning relaxation techniques in groups that are funded by all statutory health insurance companies
  • Promotion of individual skills for managing stress in the group
  • in the workplace in the context of workplace health promotion (upon request)
  • Individual counseling: “work-life balance”, including mindfulness-based stress management (according to the scientifically recognised procedure of “acceptance and commitment therapy”) for the sustained reduction of physical and psychological symptoms, to improve self-confidence and acceptance and to increase life satisfaction and vitality. (on request)


Andrea Langness

Psychological Psychotherapist

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