PAN Prevention Center

Serving your health

The PAN Prevention Center offers you personalised, interdisciplinary preventive healthcare together with all disciplines of the PAN Clinic on the basis of evidence-based medicine. The PAN Prevention Center ensures a smooth processing of all aspects of your check-up and offers a permanent contact person for your check-ups. We accompany you along the way in identifying these risk factors and counteracting them long term.

Preventive healthcare with principle
individualised – integrated – evidence-based

Individualised – your medical needs are our focus
Your medical needs are the focus in preventive healthcare. On the basis of your completed questionnaire, we will compile an individually tailored health check-up together for a comprehensive healthcare examination. Tailored to your risk factors and medical history, we recommend a meaningful medical diagnosis and appropriate medical examinations.

Integrated – Everything under one roof
Under the umbrella of the PAN Clinic, the expertise of 65 experienced specialists in 25 specialities are available for your individual healthcare. From neurosurgery to gynaecology, the PAN Clinic founded in 1999, has highest level of medical and organisational quality clinic in the preventive healthcare field with their certified quality management. You benefit from the holistic preventive healthcare while taking into account the various medical disciplines.

Evidence-based – empirically proven
In evidence-based medicine, any medical treatment decision is expressly made on the basis of empirically proven efficacy. With your personalised check-up program for preventive healthcare, we are very intent on recommending evidence-based examinations for you that correspond to the latest state of medical research.

Prevention to maintain your health

Benefit from preventive diagnosis and early treatment

The PAN Prevention Center offers a holistic approach to early prevention healthcare with the aim of avoiding diseases if possible. Sustainability is of particular importance. In the PAN Prevention Center, not only do the diagnostics play a role through a comprehensive check-up, but also the counselling and support of all aspects related to health-promoting measures, which help secure the long-term success of your preventive healthcare.

You coordinate your medical services for preventive healthcare at the initial consultation together with your supervising physician who, after completion of the health check-up, explains the results in detail and makes the appropriate recommendations if necessary.

Experienced preventive medicine physicians as well as our multi-professional early treatment team help you to recognise and to minimise your individual risk factors. Our integrated early treatment includes professional psychological counselling in addition to individual nutrition counselling and motivational exercise therapy. In addition, our holistic short program gives you the opportunity to actively promote your health with offers from the areas of diet, exercise and stress reduction.