Exercise Training for body and mind

Learn to bring your mind and body in sync and improve your health long term!

Body and mind are inseparable. This is also true when it comes to health promotion. But only moving the body is not enough to stay healthy long term. The mind also needs to be trained. Only when it is sufficiently strengthened, is it possible to anchor long-term health-conscious behaviour in everyday life.

Program according to the principle of inclusive early treatment

Our program based on the principle of inclusive early treatment is a holistically designed preventive measure. It combines various elements of prevention and in this way contributes to a positive and lasting effect on health.

The program includes a targeted, every-day exercise program and the exercising of various relaxation techniques that will help you to counteract stress effectively. In addition, you learn to motivate yourself, so you are able to maintain a long-term behavioural change in terms of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, we offer theoretical and scientific background knowledge about the health benefits of exercise, a balanced diet and relaxation.


  • Moderate strength training
  • Coordination training
  • Health promoting
  • Exercise forms
  • Theoretische Grundlagen der Frühtherapie zu gesundheitsbewusstem
  • Behaviour
  • Relaxation techiques
  • Motivation


  • Improved overall performance
  • Improved eating habits
  • Increase in the ability to relax
  • Weight reduction and stabilisation
  • Ability to self-motivation, maintaining the behaviour change

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We take care of your well-being

Holger Borutta

Graduate sports scientist
Personal Trainer

Exercise – Fitness – Health


Kerstin Kleinenbrands

Personal Trainer (DSHS)
Original Bootcamp Trainer Cologne
Exercise – Fitness – Health