Training for quitting smoking

Smoke-free at last!

Tobacco dependence is a widespread chronic disorder. There is hardly a physical condition which is not triggered or aggravated by steady tobacco use. In Germany, more than 100,000 people die of smoking (data from the Federal Statistical Office) annually, more than in traffic, domestic or other accidents.

The reduction of tabacco consumption or the long term abstinance is thus an important goal for the maintenance and improvement of health overall.

On the way to a smoke-free life, you get the opportunity to interact in the context of a group of like-minded people which can increase the motivation and promote commitment. (on request)


  • Individual explanatory models are developed
  • Information on the individual quitting of smoking are taught
  • How to deal with relapses is discussed
  • Preparations for dealing with withdrawal symptoms
  • The decision to quit is verified and a ‘stop day’ is set
  • Unwanted side effects are addressed (such as weight gain, etc.)
  • There is a follow-up
  • and much more


Andrea Langness

Psychological Psychotherapist

Authenticity – Empathy – Esteem
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